12 Phrase Dater

12 Phrase Dater

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Product Number: N1027670
Weight: 1 lbs

Price: $13.60
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Product Description

Prints 12 phrases plus month, day and year. Change phrase and date by turning dials. Sturdy metal frame with plastic handle. 4-year date band. 1 1/2" impression size. Stamp pad required. N1007670 phrases: Answered, Cancelled, Paid, Shipped, Entered, Completed, Void, Billed, Received, Delivered, Filed and Approved. N1007671 phrases: REC'D, ENT'D, ANS'D, PAID, SHIP'D, CNG'D, CAN'C, BAL, C.O.D., FILED, FILLED, and RET'D.